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This is a tumble thing about anime, tanks and all it's crossovers. Come for one and stay for the other. We cover Kantai Collection, Strike Witches, Girls Und Panzer, Upotte and Mecha Musume in general.
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Since I’m not a fan of Oorai in GUP I’m starting to like Anzio and everyone else a lot more. This picture helps a lot!ALSO THIS IS LEWD

Since I’m not a fan of Oorai in GUP I’m starting to like Anzio and everyone else a lot more. This picture helps a lot!




I love oppai and tanks.
Simple loves.

when I said do what you love I meant activities but oh well this works too

Uh look at Oppai and tanks?
Nah I kid.

I enjoy reading a lot, it isn’t limited to tanks but a major proportion of it is History and Manga. Of course being like most young gentlemen I enjoy playing games. Either on my PC or as a tabletop based RPG, the latter of which I have only very recently been acquainted with. I play Mahjong from time to time, the real Mahjong like on Saki and not the match tiles to win stuff. Sometimes I’ve wrote about tanks and WWII stuff but that is digestion of knowledge and rewrote for a more simpler and concise manner. I use to be a chicken keeper but since living solo I haven’t had the room, time or money to do so. There isn’t much else to say aside I sometimes enjoy a little pen to paper fiction to balance out the fact writing.

I love oppai and tanks.
Simple loves.

Happy Birthday me.
*blows party blower*

Now what?



Having a OC Kantai Collection UK submarine drawn but there are so bloody many! Quick help me pick one.
Which one? There was ones such as HMS Vampire, HMS Shakespeare, HMS Unique. The only thing to say is that the body will be busty like i-19 and the conning tower will be part of a hair ornament. Swimsuit will either be a bikini or some fashionable one piece swimsuit based off an old design.

Featuring artist previous work for reference and because I screwed up posting first time.

something something Kongo des~something something Kongo breast

something something Kongo des~
something something Kongo breast

Just commissioned! →

Notes for later.

1. I still love the concept of Girls Und Panzer but HATE the main characters with an almighty passion. BTW Opinions.
2. Found a wickedly lewd picture of i-19, can’t post it here…Maybe uss-iowa would take it…
3. Big delivery of US Navy ships coming, can’t wait.
4. Wish I could have gone to the tank museum this year
5. Reopened ship to ship comms as its own separate blog due to secondary blog stupidness
6. SO WELCOME http://mechamusumerp.tumblr.com/ WOOOOO! WE LIVE AGAIN
7. Glad to be back posting again after a little time away working.
8. Golly gosh world of tanks is tough, Black Pince grind if heart wrenching. 
9. Oppai~
10. What would be better? Mecha Musume of the Tank (BlackPrince) or a UK Sub or Destroyer in Kantai style?
11. Chi-Ri is still paper tank.
12. You read this all? You get a free hug, just ask for it and say uh…Self Propelled Gun
13. Dr Pepper is great.

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